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The '''Asylum Street Spankers''', formed in Austin, Texas in 1994, were a band whose music was rooted in early 20th century Music of the United States|American musical forms. In 2006, the band's satirical anti-war video "Stick Magnetic Ribbons on Your SUV" surpassed 1 million hits in two months on YouTube. In January 2011 the band won The 10th Annual Independent Music Awards in the Gospel category for ''God's Favorite Band''. The band dissolved after a final tour in spring 2011.
OriginAustin, Texas, United States|USA
GenreProgressive folk music, Jazz blues, Ragtime, Roots rock, Comedy rock
Years active1994–2011
LabelSpanks-a-Lot Records, Yellow Dog Records
Website[ Official website]
Current membersChristina Marrs
Nevada Newman
Mark Henne
Morgan Patrick Thompson
Shawn Dean (The Unknown Wrestler)
Charlie King
Trevor Smith
Thrad Lee
Past memberssee #Former members|former members
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